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The Wells Academy

Safeguarding Update - Half Term

The Wells Academy is closed for half term. We re-open on Monday 1st June 2020.

If you are concerned that a child is in immediate danger, left alone, or missing, you should contact the police and/or an ambulance directly by phoning 999.

If the child is NOT in immediate danger but you are concerned about their safety please contact Nottingham City Children and Families: 0115 876 4800

Safeguarding at The Wells Academy

The safety and welfare of our student is paramount and sits at the centre of everything that we do at The Wells Academy. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, our staff are both well trained and intuitive in spotting signs that a young person might need support. We have a very experienced Pastoral Team who work daily to support young people and pride ourselves on quality of care we provide.

The Wells Academy Safeguarding Team


Senior DSL: Mrs Nicola Quinton

Deputy DLS Safeguarding Officer: Ms Dawn Jukes

Safeguarding Mentor: Mr Delroy Sharpe

Deputy Head of Houses/ DSL

Clumber: Ms C Iwanejko

Newstead: Ms E Gillen

Wollaton: Ms A. Sherratt

Sherwood: Ms J. Courtney

Rufford: Ms M. Bradshaw

SENDCo DSL: Ms N. Rees

Director of Alternative Provision DSL: Ms T. Keeling

A message from PAPYRUS

PAPYRUS is continuing to provide lifesaving support to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, and also to their loved ones who are caring for them.

Currently, around 90% of callers to HOPELINEUK are mentioning Covid-19 and we understand more than ever the impact that the current situation is having on the mental health of young people across the UK

We know that there are many others who are struggling and who do not know about HOPELINEUK, or they have not yet found the courage to pick up the phone. Our focus and our priority right now is to support those young people who are struggling with thoughts of suicide and who need a safe space to talk.

We are appealing to you to simply share our messages of HOPE.

By sharing our message, you can create a safe space for young people to reach out for help. By sharing our message, you are reminding your friends, relatives and colleagues that PAPYRUS is here. By sharing our message, you could help save a life.

How you can help share HOPE

Below is a link to our Emergency Appeal webpage.

Here, you will find a number of images that you can download and simply share on your social media channels, or even add a footer to your emails.

The images include details of HOPELINEUK and by sharing them on social media, you are increasing the awareness of PAPYRUS and the vital lifesaving support that we offer.

There is no cost to you. We have created the images for you to download for free. All we ask is that you share these images across your social media channels over the coming weeks and months and tell as many people as possible about PAPYRUS and HOPELINEUK.

We know that the impact Covid-19 has on young people’s mental health is increasing as lockdown continues, and we also know that this impact will continue long after the virus disappears. By sharing our messages through this Emergency Appeal, you are helping to raise awareness but also ensuring that those who are struggling, know that there is help and there is HOPE through HOPELINEUK.

Please don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social media.

Facebook: PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide
Twitter: @PAPYRUS_tweets
Instagram: @PAPYRUS_uk
LinkedIn: PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide
Tik Tok: @PAPYRUS_uk

Thank you for your continued support.