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The Wells Academy

Cultural Day 2022

We would like to remind parents and carers thatCultural Day is Friday 14th September 

Cultural Day will be a celebration of the culture and heritage for all our students, there will be activities and opportunities for students to share and learn information about different cultures from around the world, celebrating the rich diversity of students and staff at The Wells Academy.

Students are invited to either:

  • Wear normal school uniform
  • *Wear traditional cultural dress. An example of traditional dress would be a dashiki, salwar kameez or agbada.
  • A top which represents their culture or national flag in addition to wearing trousers, school shoes and blazers.

*We request that any student planning to wear traditional dress should bring this in prior to 14th October so that their Head of Year can check it is appropriate.

The day is not a non-uniform day. All students must still wear appropriate school shoes, trousers or skirts, blazer and bring their equipment packs as normal.

Please note we are careful in all we do to maintain our school’s ethos of kindness and so ask that you ensure that students wear appropriate attire. Any outfit that requires weapon of any sort to complete the outfit will not be accepted in school (this includes imitation weapons). We will not accept anything with offensive language on it. Please note that if any student arrives in clothing that we feel is inappropriate, we will contact home and they will be placed in inclusion if they are unable to go home to change. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your child’s outfit, please contact PA to Principal Mrs Bieeu

Staff will also be taking part in the non-uniform aspect of the day and will be sharing aspects of their own cultural heritage.

This day has been planned by a group of Year 9 students and we are very proud of their desire to celebrate the diversity of their peers. We hope that all students enjoy the day and hope that this can become an annual event.