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The Wells Academy

Half Term Message from Lead Principal Mr Rae

As we approach the half term break Mr Rae provides feedback on a fantastic start to the academic year. 

s we approach the half term break I am delighted to provide feedback on a fantastic start to the academic year. We have welcomed a new cohort into Year 7; they have settled in well and are enjoying our thematic curriculum.  Our vibrant sixth form continues to grow and our students are fully contributing to our Academy as inspirational mentors and role models to younger pupils.

In all year groups the culture, values and ethos expressed in our Respect Values are becoming embedded with significant improvements in standards across the Academy.  I launched our Academy Purpose with pupils and staff at the start of term which I would like to share with you;

‘We are an aspirational and inclusive Academy committed to our Respect Values.  Through an inspirational curriculum we will facilitate great learning, exceptional progress and the development of character. We will improve life chances by ensuring all pupils achieve their potential and are ready for the next stage in their learning, training or employment.’

I am sure this statement will align with your expectations of Nottingham Academy.  Please contact us using the email address above if you wish to comment or feedback on this. 

As part of our commitment to providing pupils with a strong voice in shaping our Academy’s future the Pupil Parliament will continue at Greenwood Campus and launch at Ransom Road Campus. I am looking forward to the publication of the Pupil Parliament Manifesto which will provide a clear vision for the impact pupils’ intend to make over the coming year.  To ensure our parents/carers can also contribute to our Academy development our Academy Advisory Council meets regularly.  The next full meeting is on 5 December 2018.  Please contact me at the email to the address above if you have an item you would like to be considered for discussion at this meeting.

Pupils and staff have embraced the change to the Academy day which now begins at 8.30am and formal lessons ending at 2.40pm. Details of our enhanced extracurricular provision, which will take place at the end of the Academy day, will be available in the new term. As intended, the changes have seen improved engagement in learning and pupils have reported that longer lessons give them more time to fully develop their skills and understanding. We fully expect this change to positively impact our progress when examinations take place next summer.

Attendance to the Academy continues to improve – thank you for your support with this as good attendance (above 96%) ensures that pupils have the best chance to achieve their academic potential.

Although a significant majority of our pupils arrive on time and ready to learn ready a small number continue to arrive late. I would like to remind all pupils that our expectation is that they attend every day and on time. Pupils should arrive on site no later than 8.25am to ensure they are in Tutor Time at 8.30am. Pupils should also move promptly and with purpose between lesson to ensure they arrive on time and so minimise disruption to learning. L20 detentions are issued to all pupils who are late to the Academy and those who are consistently late to lessons.  My Attendance Team will be writing to you early next term to inform you of changes to the time we close morning and afternoon registers and the impact this will have if your child arrives after registers close.

As I have stated, standards across the Academy have improved during the first half term. I would like to remind you that we do not tolerate poor behaviour and disruption to learning.  We have simplified our sanctions for poor behaviour to challenge instances of poor behaviour.  We have four main sanctions;


What this involves  How will you be informed
R20 20 minute detention which involves a restorative conversation between a member of staff and the pupil. Completed on the same day as set.  Parents/carers will not be informed.
R60 60 minute detention which involves a restorative conversation between a member of staff and the pupil. Completed on the same day as set.  Parent/carers will be informed by telephone or text.
Internal inclusion One or more days isolated in our Internal Inclusion Unit followed by an R60.  A trained member of staff will work with the pupil to support restoration and to develop strategies to modify behaviour Parents/carers will be informed by telephone and this will be followed up by letter.  A readmission process will support the return to lessons.
Fixed Term Exclusion Pupils are sent home as a sanction for an individual serious incident or persistent poor behaviour. This can last for up to five days.

Parents/carers will be informed by telephone and this will be followed up by letter.  A readmission process will support the return to lessons.


Another change we have embraced this term is an enhancement to our Basketball provision; now provided by Nottingham Wildcats. The Nottingham Academy Wildcats Performance Programme is led by Commonwealth Silver medallist Siobhan Prior and her team. They work hard to develop players at elite level both within their sport and academically. The programme is already seeing some fantastic results and I look forward to hearing more of their successes as the season progresses. In addition to this they are providing extracurricular basketball opportunities and working closely with our cluster primary schools.

For our Year 11 pupils half term will be a key time for revision as we approach the Pre Public Examinations (PPE) formerly known as mocks. I was exceedingly pleased to see so many Year 11 parents attend the ‘Supporting Success’ evening at the start of term and I hope this evening provided you with tools to support pupils in their revision.  The first Year 11 Parents’ Evening is on Wednesday 28 November 2018 where you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss their current progress and next steps.

There has been any number of brilliant activities and successes which have taken place across the Academy over the first term.  You can catch up on this by following us on Twitter @NottinghamAcad and regularly checking our website

We have had a number of Open Evenings and many parents/carers have visited our Academy to see us in action on a ‘typical’ day.  The feedback has been wonderfully positive.  I would like to remind you that if you have a child in Year 6, who does not attend Nottingham Academy, that the closing date for Transfer to Secondary applications is 31 October 2018.  The online application for can be found at

I hope you have an enjoyable and safe half term and I look forward to welcoming the pupils back to the Academy on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

Yours faithfully

Mr G Rae