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The Wells Academy

#MissionToGreatness Vlog

Each week the academy keeps the community up to date with its progress towards #MissionToGreatness in the form of a Vlog. The Vlog contains recent good news stories, updates from the Academy and celebrates the fantastic achievements of the students in the Academy. Please click on the video below for the latest episode or the links for previous episodes:

#MissionToGreatness Vlog Episode 1


What is #MissionToGreatness?

Upon launching in September 2020 The Wells Academy have been on a mission to achieve greatness. Our ambition is clear...become one of the best performing state schools in the region.

This mission is about ensuring that the young people at the academy not only go on to achieve fantastic academic outcomes but have a fantastic school experience, are able to work at the cutting edge of their chosen profession and live a fantastic and happy life with their families. 

Members of The Wells Academy community know that the very best things in life require hard work and determination so this mission is going to be tough, difficult and challenging but we know it will be worth it when we complete it. 

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a video blog or video log which documents a particular person/thing of interest. It often uses a combination of video, images and text to deliver a message very similar to how newsletters or blogs do.