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The Wells Academy


Purpose of homework at The Wells Academy

The Wells Academy places a strong emphasis on the importance of homework throughout all years within the academy. Homework is work that is set to be completed outside the timetabled curriculum. It is important in raising pupil achievement.

Homework will encourage and challenge pupils to:

  • Develop their subject knowledge
  • Develop their independent study skills
  • improve retention and recall of key facts in preparation for examinations.
What homework will students receive?

Pupils will be given a copy of each Knowledge Organiser for every subject they study at the start of each half term. A Knowledge Organiser is an A4 sheet of paper containing all the important facts, key subject specific terminology and vocabulary we expect our pupils to know. Pupils are required to produce a minimum of one side of A5 of self-quizzing on each Knowledge Organiser per week in order to practise and retain facts from a unit of work.

Teachers need to check that knowledge has been committed to long-term memory through a short weekly quiz, made up of recall questions from a variety of subjects, based on information from the Knowledge Organisers. This will help pupils to prepare for their summative assessments in each of their subjects each term.

How often will students receive homework?

Pupils are expected to complete homework each evening, consisting of self-quizzing from the Knowledge Organisers of two subjects. Completing work outside of lessons is important to consolidate and master learning and helps pupils to develop their organisational skills. Pupils will record their self-quizzing in their homework books for tutor to check each morning.

KS3 Homework Timetable  (Year 7 - 9)

Pupils in Key Stage 3 are expected to spend 1 hour per day studying two subjects (30 mins each) outside of the classroom.

   Subject Duration Subject Duration
Monday History 30 minutes Maths 30 minutes
Tuesday Modern Foreign Languages 30 minutes English 30 minutes
Wednesday Geography 30 minutes Technology 30 minutes
Thursday Science 30 minutes PE 30 minutes
Friday Art 30 minutes RE/Dance 30 minutes
 KS4 Homework Timetable  (Year 10 & 11)

Pupils in Key Stage 4 are expected to spend 1 ½ hours per day studying two subjects (45 mins each) outside of the classroom.

   Subject Duration Subject Duration
Monday Option A
45 minutes Maths 45 minutes
Tuesday Option B
45 minutes English 45 minutes
Wednesday Independent study 45 minutes Option C 45 minutes
Thursday Science 45 minutes PE 45 minutes
Friday Option D 45 minutes Independent study 45 minutes

In addition to the above self quizzing year 11 students will have a 20 minute independent task to complete for homework Tue - Fri as part of their tutorial session.

 Knowledge organisers

Click this link to access the knowledge organisers which are used for homework.