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The Wells Academy


The Wells Academy follow rigorous and robust safeguarding procedures to ensure that all students are able to work and prosper in a safe environment. Safeguarding is the responsibility of all staff and regular training takes place to ensure that staff are up to date with the latest statutory guidance. You can find our safeguarding policy here and our COVID-19 safeguarding addendum here.

Meet our Safeguarding team

Miss Beena Sisodia 
Senior Vice Principal & Lead DSL


                       Ms Tracey Keeling
           Senior Leader & Deputy DSL (KS4)
                 Miss Sophie Gascoyne 
        Assistant Principal & Deputy DSL (KS3)


                       Miss Nicola Rees
             SENCO & Designated Teacher for
                  Looked After Children (LAC)
                         Mrs Dawn Jukes
             Safeguarding Officer & Deputy DSL



                       Year 7                                                    Year 8
                   Mrs Michelle Bradshaw
        Deputy Head of Year 7 & Deputy DSL

                        Mrs Emma Gillen
        Deputy Head of Year 8 & Deputy DSL


                      Year 9                                                    Year 10
                        Mrs Jane Courtney
        Deputy Head of Year 9 & Deputy DSL

                   Ms Tracey Keeling
           Senior Leader & Deputy DSL (KS4)









 Year 11
Mrs Andrea Sherratt
        Deputy Head of Year 11 & Deputy DSL